Business Mate

Automated Inventory Management Software
A Systematic Way of Managing Stocks, Purchase, Sales & Manufacturing Process!!!

TRUST Business Mate, is an automated Inventory & Invoicing Solution, benefits manufacturing, purchase and sales system which can be configured to reflect your business practices and processes. In a traditional Inventory Management System users are restricted with traditional way of stock handling which result in loosing pace with shifting business requirements. Business mate helps companies in identifying requirements and configuring output as needed from software. Users can easily create their own specialized reports to supplement the extensive library of predefined reports. A unique data analysis & mining tool helps organizations in sorting, grouping, analyzing & filtering the records with multiple permutation and combinations. User can use simply the drag & drop facility in this feature to filter the records required by company. Finally, TRUST Business Mate, reduces the overhead involved in day-to-day tasks and frees up your purchase and sales professionals to focus on more strategic issues..

Does it fit Your Business?

TRUST Business Mate can help you to reduce procurement costs, eliminate unnecessary purchases, meet reporting requirements, and minimize the efforts you need to make to maintain your inventory. We stay on the edge of the latest technology and constantly update our system, adding useful functionality.

TRUST Business Mate, Inventory Management Software is complete inventory process flow; helps in managing stocks, purchases, sales, create invoices, payment receipts and can print bar coded labels. TRUST Business Mate configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue for your company. TRUST Business Mate will manage operating costs and provide better understanding.


  • Part No. Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Minimum/Reorder Levels
  • Item Image
  • Inter Branch Stock Transfer
  • Stock Taking, Adjustment & Handover
  • Mobile Device Support (Optional)
  • Stock movement (In & Out)
  • Manually Adjust Stock Levels
  • Multiple Description

Purchase / Sales

  • Quotation Indent
  • Purchase Management
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery Note/Order
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Customer Returns
  • Payment Method
  • Sales by Sales Person Reports


  • Report Layout Designer
  • In Stock Items
  • Sales Quantities by Item
  • Stock Ageing
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Customer Sales
  • Purchase Details
  • Detailed Sales List
  • Export to CSV/Excel/PDF/World & Text


  • Multi Company / Multi User / Multiple Currencies
  • Unique Data Analysis & Mining Tool
  • User Rights Management at Operation Level
  • User Level Access & Password Protection
  • Automated Database Backup
  • Dashboard with Graphical Display
Inventory Control

This module controls all the goods in your stores, warehouses or showrooms, Beauty of the module lies with attaching item image which will help users in identifying it easily and most effectively.

Information shall be tracked in this;
Tracking Barcode with barcode scanning option.
Tracking Part No/Batch No.
Classify between Category/Brands
Unit Types

Item Image
Selling Price
Minimum/Reorder Levels
Inter Branch Stock Transfer
Stock Taking, Adjustment & Handover
Mobile Device Support (Optional)
Stock movement (In & Out)
Manually Adjust Stock Levels
Multiple Description

OP Registration

This helps in registering outpatient details in system, software captures all the basic information of patient along with insurance and blood group details.

Nursing Station

This level helps clinics in organizing information of new/old patients which are waiting for doctor’s appointment. Nurses can feed details like patient BP, temp., weight, height etc.

Doctor’s Consultation

This module is meant for Doctors. Here the patient’s date-wise treatment history is displayed in very comprehensive manner. Doctor can add, edit or delete records from this. All information is available at one place in a spreadsheet format. Complain, Investigation, Dental Examination, Treatment, and Prescription details can be managed here. Procedures Codes like ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT or CDT are

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already in database with easy search facility. Doctors can opt for any codes depending on their requirements.

Payment Management

Payment module lists all pending / completed bills for a given date. The user can prepare an invoice for patients and print it. Two type of bills can be prepared, apart from a normal billing users can also prepare bills with insurance calculation. Receipt can also be printed if needed for the paid bills.

Insurance Management

This module helps in managing insurance claims of patients and reports generations like total insurance claimed (for specific time period for specific insurance company etc), and total insurance claim reconciled.

While starting for insurance billing, users need to create insurance master for each insurance companies with terms like minimum or maximum claims allowed, company details etc.

Once master creation finished user can select insurance company for which patient is having insurance card with card no. in patient master.

Software is having a new button for insurance billing where user can generate insurance bills for patients as per there insurance policies. To claim the amount from insurance company software has facility of creating claim reports for specific insurance company for a period of time.

Facility to reconcile the amount received from insurance company is also present in the software.

E-Claim Integration

iPULSE is powered with an state of the art E-Claim integration facility which facilitate users to generate E-Claim file and automatically upload on DHA portal.

Treatment Follow-ups with Alert & Reminder Facility

This will help in keeping a track on alerts of regular customer’s visit and which can be increased with sending mailers and reminders.

User & Credential Management

This module helps management in keeping control on various users using software with assigning access permission rights.

Appointment Details

Date Wise / Department Wise / Doctor Wise / Shift Wise

* Patient

 Patient Consultation History

 Diagnosis and Treatment History

 Detailed Profile with Photograph

 Gender / Blood Group /Area / Location / Allergy / Age Group Report & Search

* Doctor / Department

 Doctors Activity and Appointment Report

 Doctor’s Patient List

 Department’s Activity Report

 Department’s Patient List

* Finance Reports

 Doctor’s Collection Report

 Department’s Collection Report

 Date / Month / Quarterly Collection Report

 Date Range: Bill / Invoice Report

 Referred Doctor Commission / Fees

 Insurance Claim and Recocile Report

 E-Claim XML Report

* Data Analysis Tool

A unique data analysis & mining tool helps clinics in sorting, grouping, analyzing & filtering the records with multiple permutation and combinations. User can use simply the drag & drop facility in this feature to filter the records required by clinic.


Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Module deals with the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the hospital. The functions of this module include, online drug prescription, inventory management of drugs, consumables and sutures. This module can be directly linked with main Clinic Software or can be implemented separately. Latest DHA approved drug list is incorporated in the module.

Employee & Payroll Management

Employee Management & Payroll Module is a comprehensive Payroll & employee document handling system ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. It’s simple and powerful time attendance and payroll processing module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance and payroll processing. This add-on module also covers employee documents handling like Passport / Visa / Work Permit / Health Card Management, Visit/Other Visa Management, Document Alerts Management etc.

Financial Accounting

Accounts Group

 Accounts Categories

 Chart of Accounts

 Accounting Transactions

 Journal Entry

 Receipt Vouchers

 Payment Vouchers

 Petty Cash

 Bank Reconciliation

 Trial Balance

 PDC Management

 Account Reconciliation

 Statement of Accounts

 Debtor & Creditors Aging


INFOTECH Technologies is in the field of enterprise software solutions. Our focus was, and remains, delivering creative and affordable technology solutions for small & medium businesses. TRUST has succeeded as a comprehensive solutions provider because our team is comprised of specialists from the fields of Technology, Marketing, and Business Management. This variety enables our services to be simultaneously vast in theory and specific in application. Our aim is to enable our customers to harness the infinite potential of the Information Technology, thus greatly enhancing our overall success through better competitive edge and more profitability

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